How to Choose Your Paint Sheen

Different sheen levels are ideal for different areas of the home. Discover which sheen level works best for your project.


The flat kinds of paint sheens look just as plain as they sound: Flat. There is nothing more and nothing less to these kinds of paint finishes. These finishes create a dull and almost smooth finish that are mainly appealing to living rooms, offices, and dining rooms. They are not complicated, and don’t need the incorporation of any tricks in the book to make it look really good. These flat paints are one of the most easiest sheens to touch up on because of their simplicity, and they do add a really nice depth for the walls. One problem associated with this is that they are prone to getting dusted up, and stains and cannot be washed easily. Hence, it is not a great idea to use them in children’s rooms and other rooms which are highly used.

Low Sheen

Low sheens are known as eggshells, or satin, low-luster or silk. Low sheens are often a lot less porous than conventional paint sheens, and they are not shiny at all whatsoever. But one advantage associated with this type of paint is that they can be washed down, and hence they are a perfect choice for washrooms and kitchens. Additionally, they can also be used in bedrooms, hallways and rooms where there are always a lot of people around. 


Semi Gloss

This is one of the most hardest and smoothest finishes that you can find in any paint sheen that is available in the market today. High sheen paints also have a very glossy look going for them, and hence they appear to be very shiny. Because of their obvious beautiful lustre, High Sheen paints are the best choice for doors, windows, and any other places that get a lot of use on a daily basis. Dirt and stains are not prone to sticking on high sheen paint making it very easy to clean, and maintain on a frequent basis. This finish is never supposed to be used on walls and ceilings.